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In Manage360, the main Contacts Area contains three options:

  1. Accounts: Accounts includes all the Prospects, Leads and Active Customers.

  2. Contacts: All the Contacts you have entered into the program by creating a new contact in the Account. 

  3. Suppliers: All the Suppliers that you have added to the program either by manually creating a new supplier in this tab or by importing material (or plant) list where the supplier was entered (the import will automatically add any unique suppliers). 

When selecting any of these you can search by entering text into the search box and pressing [ENTER] or clicking the Search button, Manage360 searches your data for information containing the text you have entered.

When you are done with your searches and wish to view your entire list again, clear any text from the search box and press [ENTER] or click the Search button to reset your list.

Here are all the activities that you can do within the Contacts Area: