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In a typical office, Timesheets are used to track employee hours and the times and locations of their work. Timesheets are used to record employee hours against a job but can also be used to track equipment usage times and material allocations.

Each time labor, equipment hours or materials are allocated to a job, Manage360 will automatically apply the costs of each to the job. By using actual time and wage data, Manage360 can extract an accurate comparison between estimated and actual costs for a given job. Timesheet Job Logs can also be printed individually, saved as PDF or excel then printed as time reports that can be then entered into Manage360 at a later date.

The Job Log/Timesheet helps you track time, material, equipment and any sub-contractors that you used or time you took on a job and will be used in Job Actuals, Billing and then Invoicing.

Generating job log sheets for your crew to help you track time, material, equipment and any sub-contractors that you used. You and your crew can enter the job logs on the road, from anywhere or equip your employees with mobile devices that can connect to Manage360 on site and let them enter their job logs directly into the system. Or you can print out daily job log sheets for your crew to fill in manually at the end of each day, by going to Tools/Actions>Reports and printing the Timesheet/Job Log.  Once they hand in their time from the print-out, then you can enter the time in Manage360 by creating a new Timesheet.

Here are all the activities that you can do within the Timesheets area: