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Construction Estimating

Once you have set up the budget, costbook, and become familiar with the basics of creating accounts and opportunities, you are ready to begin building estimates. Kits are not required to build a construction-style estimate, but they will make the process a whole lot easier if you can put some together.

Module Structure

This module begins with a video. It is recommended that you watch the video first, and attempt to follow along within Manage360 to create an estimate as you watch.

After the video, the guide reviews the content of the video. It begins with a bullet-point summary of the standard workflow process of building an estimate, followed by an overview of all the sections of the construction estimate and their purpose.

After the overview, there is a detailed breakdown of the estimating process. Go through this content to check your understanding.

Once you have completed this module, as well as attempted to build a couple of construction estimates of your own, you can contact us to set up a Q&A session.