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Transition to Auth0

Manage360 is preparing to transition to a new authentication service (Auth0) to provide our users with improved security and user account management. We are targeting a release for early February; further information will be provided via notification on the website as we move closer to the launch date. 

Upon release, an email address will be required to log in to Manage360 instead of your username. This change will affect users of the Manage360 website, as well as users of the mobile app, and Design users connected to a Manage360 database. If you have entered a valid email address on your employee profile (under Settings > Employees) before the update, then a new account will automatically be created. If no email address has been added prior to the update, you will be required to create an account before you can log in to Manage360. Users will be prompted to create an account from the login page.

To learn how to set up emails for your users, check out the guide: Adding emails to Manage360 Employees

If you have any questions, please contact