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Checking / Updating $0 wage Employees

When a Timesheet is created, Manage360 will generate a warning if any of the employees assigned to the Timesheet have a wage of $0. This is important because the employee wage is used when calculating the value of the actual labor cost on any jobs on the Timesheet.

There will be two ways to tell if any employee has a $0 wage set.

  1. The employee name will be highlighted in yellow.

  2. A warning message will be at the top of the screen, indicating which employee(s) have a $0 wage set.

These warnings will be visible to all users of Manage360 (who have access to the Timesheet).

Fixing this issue can be done in one of two ways.

  1. The simplest is to simply click on the link in the warning message.

  2. Click on the Actions menu and select the ‘Update Cost per Hour’ option.

The process that is initiated when either of the 2 options are selected is identical. A pop up window will appear that lists the employees and shows their current wages as well as a box where the wage can be updated.

Click the checkbox on the left side beside the name of the employee to be updated (the Update Costs button will be available until at least one employee is selected).

Enter the updated cost into the ‘Updated Cost/Hour’ field.

Click on the Update Costs button.

Doing this will update the employee’s wage information for the selected Timesheet as well as the employee’s wage going forward.

If there are Timesheets that have already been created for the future (days past the selected Timesheet), the ‘Update future unapproved timesheets’ option can be used to update those Timesheets as well. This option is not selected by default.