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Setting Up a New Route

To create a new route, go to Production > Routing. Select the New Route button and you will be brought to a screen that prompts you to fill out the criteria of your new route. The criteria that is required to set up a route is based around the types of services that are allowed to be a part of the route, as well as the time frame that the route is active for. The route start and end dates act as a filter so that only contracts that fall within the route start and end dates can be used on a route.

Alternatively, you can create a new route by navigating to the To Be Routed tab on the Routing menu. This tab displays all of the services you have available that could be added to a route, but are not currently in use on an existing route. You can select a service from this tab, and it will prefill the route criteria for you based on the details of the service, such as the start and end dates of the contract that the service is associated with.