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Creating Services

Services are packages that may consist of kits, items, equipment and labor that are provided to clients in an as needed, optional, or required fashion. The service may be completed only once, but also has the functionality to take place on a recurring basis. Services have been designed to streamline the workflow and estimation process that is specific to maintenance-related jobs. For example, a “Lawn Maintenance” package would include items related to completing this Service – Mowing and Trimming for example. A Garden Care service could contain a Mulching Kit and Bed Edging Kit. In addition to kits, the Service could include any number of other Costbook items required.

Maintenance, unlike other parts of the business is a fast paced and administratively heavy function that needs to be managed more effectively. As maintenance work is typically a more standard based process, the repeatable Maintenance work provided to clients can be standardized within Manage360 as a Service, ensuring that there is nothing left out of an Estimate. They are configurable on a job-by-job basis according to what the client needs, allowing the content of a Service package to be generalized and flexible. Additionally, all individual components within a Service may be set up to be optional within the contract, required for the Job, recurring across a period of time or as-needed based upon changing requirements.