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Work Orders - Introduction

Work Orders in Manage360 allow you to track and charge for work performed as a Time & Material charge type. They have a number of use cases - they can be used to track a Time & Materials job across a single visit or multiple visits, used for warranty work, or to charge for the direct sale of materials to a client without performing any work, for example a simple transaction to sell bulk mulch to a customer. One of the key features of Work Orders is that they do not require an Opportunity or Estimate to be created - in situations where no quote is required, they allow you to quickly enter in the actuals associated with a particular transaction, then track it and invoice it as quickly as possible. 

When looking at the Jobs menu or Work Orders menu, Non-Contract work can be distinguished from maintenance work by looking at the icons next to the individual work orders. Maintenance work is listed with an icon containing an M, while non-contract work has an icon that looks like a blank piece of paper.